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Little Wings Rhyme Post FI

Little Wings – A short rhyme

This rhyme is dedicated to a bird.

Summers are very hot and the birds do not get adequate water everywhere. Some of them also die of sickness caused by the summer heat. It is advised to keep water in bowls for the birds. I wrote a short rhyme regarding the same here.

This rhyme tells a story about a bird.
Yes, I know it sounds a little absurd.
She was lying unconscious on the floor.
I stared for a moment, my brain worked no more.
It came to my mind that it was due to the heat!
As soon as I realized that, I jumped on my feet.
Then gently I picked her up and took her to shade,
I started spraying water on her hoping she wasn’t dead.
A few minutes later she flapped her wings.
I was startled and put away the other things.
I saw her rise up on her own;
And slowly recover all alone.
From the next day, I kept a bowl filled with water,
on the veranda where the birds generally flutter.
I hope they drink it and stay away from the heat.
Summer is forcing every single being to retreat.

This is the end of this little creation of mine. I hope you liked it. As the water in puddles dry up in summer, risk of dehydration for animals (including birds) increase. I request you to start keeping water filled bowls on your verandas and terraces. It will help in quenching their thirst and keep their body cool in the hot summer. Your help will be another step in saving their lives!

Comment below if you support the idea of keeping water for birds and you may post any questions you have. I will try to reply whenever possible. You can also share this post on social media.

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A student, an amateur photographer and blogger who loves to write.

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Amateur, but, nice try! Keep trying!


After you set this blog up, I tried to set up one for myself. Too much hassle! Even after I got a hosting account and installed WP, the site runs very very slow. Yours is at least thrice faster than mine. How did you manage to increase the performance?

Siddhartha Saha
Siddhartha Saha

Bah darun hoyche Pratyay