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When Mobile Falls In Water

What do to if your mobile falls in water?

This is a guide to recover mobile from water damage.

Last night, I took shelter under the bus stand shed because it was raining. Then, I took my mobile out to inform my parents that I will be late but it slipped out of my wet hand! It fell into a puddle below the stairs. It was switched off and completely wet when I picked it up. Here is how I managed to recover it.

1. First of all, cut off the power supply by removing the battery.
My mobile has removable battery. If you have a mobile with non removable battery, just switch it off quickly. It might be enough.
2. Secondly, take out the SIM Cards and Memory Card and keep them away so that they are not damaged.
3. Then, blow out the possible amount of water from the device.
4. Next thing is to collect an airtight container or ziplock bag and uncooked rice.
5. After that, open the container or bag and fill it with some rice. Then put the phone and battery inside and cover it with rest of the rice.
6. Finally, leaving it overnight may show results next morning.

In my case, I took the mobile and battery out in the next morning and dusted out the rice dust. After that I put the battery in and switched it on. It was working again.
Please avoid using any method of drying that heats the device or involves chemicals. Since, heating may damage the device and chemicals may dissolve the adhesive used inside the parts.

This post ends here. I hope your mobile phone never falls in water. But if it does, you can always try the above mentioned steps. It worked for me. It will probably work for you too. Feel free to post comments and questions. I will try to reply. You can also share this on social media.

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Anthony Brody
Anthony Brody

Can I just put my phone under sunlight? I think it is simpler and faster way to recover a water damaged mobile phone.

Debasmita Roy
Debasmita Roy

Nice blog..useful..